Eco-Adventure Trails

Khonjwayo Eco-Adventure Trails incites the purist to exult in scenic splendour while mountain biking, marathon running and hiking.

Coordinates: 31° 45′ 22.75″ S 29° 12′ 57.90″ E
Elevation: 878ft eye alt 25.78 ml

We invite like-minded individuals and companies who recognise the importance of innovation to discuss a customised, exclusive sponsorship opportunity in this Greenfield’s project.

Khonjwayo Traditional Council

Amakhonjwayo Traditional Communal Development Trust (“The Trust”) consists of one trustee per Administrative Area. Each trustee has one vote on the council for the following twelve (12) areas;

Gazini, Hamsini, Lucingweni, Lwandile, Mamolweni, Mankosi, Mfundweni, Mgojweni, Mpoza, Nkanunu, Noxova, Ntsimbini.


The Amakhonjwayo Traditional Council is pioneering the economic potential of the area for the community by;

  • Cultivating underused communal land as a sustainable eco-tourism destination.
  • Bringing the consumer to the community (retaining labour locally) as opposed to the “urban-bias” of migrating labour to the consumer.
  • Developing ecosystems of wealth investment for their community and business partners.

Launch date

The first half of 2016 is earmarked for the launch of this five (5) year plan.
Local inhabitants are keen to be involved in eco-tourism as many prefer not to be involved in agriculture as a means of livelihood.

Phase one of the initial development consists of approximately;

  • 76 kilometres of track – creating 50 permanent jobs. Included in this is the building and ongoing maintenance of the track (12 skilled and 38 semi-skilled)
  • 100 caravan /camp sites – creating 200 employment opportunities (55% women, 60% youth) performing day care and domestic tasks, ensuring a good holiday experience for the eco-tourists and visitors.

Additional income and revenue streams for stakeholders and the local community will result from;

  • Registration fees
  • Accommodation and tourism
  • SMME business opportunities viz. technical and mechanical maintenance of cycles, first aid, child minding, hospitality, organic food including meat products etc.
  • Growing and supplying fresh fruit, vegetables eggs etc.
  • Services will include off-grid electricity, solar energy, water recycling of grey and black water where possible
  • Waste management will included bio-digesters

Financial benefits

  • Sustainable development of local SMEs in tourism, sport events, transport, accommodation, leisure and hospitality space etc.
  • Increasing the number of sustainable local jobs will strengthen capacity implementing diversified, economic growth.
  • Changing perceptions and behaviour relating to renewable energy, bio-digesters for waste management, water recycling (grey and black) and organic foods supply ensures environmental sustainability.
  • Market activation, promotion and adapting to the green economy (GE) will uplift the local infrastructure and access to services for the local people.

Trail blazers and builders

The crew consists of a number of ardent professionals. Leaders dedicated to excellence and;

  • Protecting the environment for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Promoting conservation, to enhance the ecological integrity of the natural system.
Nkosi Mpumalanga Gwadiso

Nkosi Mpumalanga Gwadiso

Traditional Leader, Social Entrepreneur, Human Rights Activist, Facilitator and Businessman.

As Head of the Khonjwayo Traditional Council, Nkosi Gwadiso avidly believes in conservation and responsible infrastructure development. His passionate vision for the Mpondo heritage and the diverse natural environment. A seasoned community development and human rights activist, he has an aptitude to engage with complex, strategic issues whilst understanding and articulating the grassroots societal development needs.

Elected to the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders in 2013, representing the Eastern Cape, he is chairman of the Agriculture, Economic Development and Land management committee.

Stella Helwick

Stella Helwick

Champions of the Environment Foundation

Stella Helwick of Champions of the Environment Foundation is successfully implementing a land rehabilitation project in Khonjwayo in the Eastern Cape, along with one hundred and twenty-four (124) local Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) participants. Funding is obtained from Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to improve infrastructure and train and develop the local community in environmental sustainability. In line with the donor requirements regular reporting on mutual goals, objectives and specific deliverables is communicated appropriately. Helwick has a thorough understanding of compliance issues facing our communities and sees sport, empowerment and the environment working together to create a sustainable South African economy by enhancing the natural environment.

Jan Abbott

Jan Abbott

Clearwater Trails

Jan Abbott of Clearwater Trails in Port Edward is designing and building functional, aesthetically pleasing and unique mountain bike trails in accordance with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) trail solutions guidelines.
Abbott’s most recent projects include;

• 2015 Sun International Wild Coast Sun Hotel and Casino – the design and installation of a trail network and event.
• 2015 San Lameer Coastal Estate
• 2015 Khonjwayo Adventure Trails and ecotourism
• 2015 Westville Country Club
• 2014 Umngazi River Bungalows – Grindrod Pondo Pedal