A start-up private company, Adapt CC SA engages state and private entities, raising and disbursing funds on the following three (3) key areas of climate change (CC);

Green economy (GE) – Interacting with stakeholders who have the power to make a difference on a macro and micro scale.

Renewable energy – Shifting the focus of rural infrastructure development to embrace cleaner production and fair, just, equitable policies and practices as required by South Africa’s legislation.

Sustainable agriculture – Promoting action and enhancing public awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change.


Public awareness programmes, education and training are imperatives to empower all South Africans to make informed choices around an economy and society resilient to climate change.

  • Empowering local communities, particularly women who are often primary producers in the process of designing and implementing adaptation strategies and thereby lowering the risk of unmanaged regional migration.
  • Investing in education and awareness programmes around “Climate-smart-agriculture”
  • Reducing agricultural emissions
  • Enlightening subsistence and commercial producers to respond and adapt to the challenges of climate change.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

The challenges of climate change and the impact on biodiversity and ecosystems is receiving unprecedented media attention.  South Africa needs to manage the challenges by;

  • Developing and rolling-out systems that capture and store high integrity data
  • Implementing and measuring the outcomes of practical strategies to include conservation, agriculture practices, water harvesting and crop rotation
  • Prioritising indigenous knowledge and the local adaptive responses of subsistence farmers

Water sector

Aiming to balance the critical role of water in terms of both poverty alleviation (ensuring the right to a reliable and safe water supply) and economic development (be it for domestic, industry, mining, agriculture or forestry use) from a regional perspective by;

  • Investing in water conservation and water demand management to ensure fair access to water for all the people of South Africa
  • Maintaining the integrity of ecosystems and thereby the services they provide.
  • Adequate management of adaptation response measures given the trans-boundary nature of our major rivers water vulnerability
  • Exploring new and unused resources, particularly ground water, re-use of effluent and desalination
  • Reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience to water-related impacts of climate change in all communities